Do you think animals are capable of truly being our friends?


Ad Honorem
Jan 2017
in olden days , oxen were paired for plowing , such a team would work and stable together for years
it was noted that should one die the other would not want a new mate and became depreciated for working as a pair
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Ad Honorem
Oct 2016
Reminds me of a story. Friend had big dog and little dog . They had beds in laundry room next to the back door. Little dog had a toy fluffy animal . Little dog died. Big dog acted like going through depression . My friend left the little dog bed there thinking someone else might want it but threw toy out in garbage bin as it had been worn out by little dog playing with it .. Comes home and toy is in the little dog bed : " Thats strange I thought I rememberer throwing that out the other day. " Throws it out again. Comes home, toy back in bed , checks garbage bin and sees lid off and garbage disturbed .

Now ages later little dog bed still there. If you move the toy and put it somewhere else , the next day its back in the little bed again, even though little dog not around anymore .