Do you think that Hitler's Austrian birth and upbringing influenced him in any ways that a German birth and upbringing would not have?


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Jan 2017
Sometimes things just turn out all wrong
a French Statesman , Clemenceau , said that all the problems with Corsica could be solved by a 6 hours immersion under the sea
the British papers made good fun of the fact that in Rome slave markets Corsicans were sold at a discount
they had the reputation of being inordinately lazy , argumentative and prone to thievery
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Sep 2016
Yes, Corsicans didn't really have a nice reputation. Especially Corsican men. They were famously lazy and their women had fiery character.
Feb 2019
I think it influenced him a bit, but that is not so much an Austrian upbringing more so than unfortunate events. His failures in Vienna and the rejection of his ambition to become a painter certainly played a part, but I see this more as a fault of situation and his own failures more so than the culture of Austria. Germany was a lot less tolerant of minorities than Austria so if he had the same failures in Germany but lived there from birth I think he would be even worse. Likewise if he lived in Austria but was successful he would've likely been at least less insane.


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Dec 2011
Angel City
I am sure his environment played a factor. However, I feel because he was jealouse of the Jewish people success he became hateful towards them. Taking into account he failed at art school while his Jewish counterparts were very successful. Not being able to achieve their level his resentment grew and he became bitter. Despite this one cannot deny he was a very charismatic individual. It seems he fed into what others were feeling or his speeches were so good to the point of bewitching even the dead (not literal). In other words his speeches were spellbinding.


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Jul 2014
Lower Styria, Slovenia
I don't think there was much difference on either side of the bordet beyond the currency and ruler. Remember that Braunau is in the Innviertel, which was part of Bavaria until 1815. All Austrians except the Vorarlbergers speak (Austro-)Bavarian but the Innviertler dialects are closer to what is spoken across the border in Bavaria than what's spoken in the rest of Upper Austria and Salzburgerland. The identity is thus German without doubt. Austrians are Catholics and so are other Southern Germans, so Hitler would be raised in a society with the same values, more or less. The only way I can see him being influenced by the fact that he'd be born in Germany is a case in which he is born in a less screwed up family.

A comment was made about Hitler, Stalin and Napoleon all coming from the South (which is very subjective). I think the more important aspect is that they all come from the perriphery. The perriphery made Stalin an outlaw, which made him useful for Lenin as he could "find" the money when needed and so came close to the center of power, which he then took for himself. People from the perriphery also often have clearer ideas about what the characteristics of their nation/ethnicity are or ought to be than people in the center, or at least that was true in Hitler's case. Idk what the perriphery did to Napoleon. They all had complexes. Perhaps that's what shaped them more. Was Napoleon's family abusive ad well?