Does Marxist Leninism only comprise economics or can it include the social sphere as well?

Nov 2014
Does Marxist Leninism only comprise economics or can it include the social sphere as well? Is there really such a thing as cultural Marxism which the private sector can embrace, since unlike economic Marxism, or even market socialism, it does not cost them money?


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Marxist Leninism, with dialectic and political economy had also a "political doctrine" [which in Italy had called "scientific Socialism"] which was a sociological doctrine with the clear purpose to build a Communist society.

The Chinese evolution towards a planned Socialist market economy has changed the nature of Marxist Leninism into something new, a kind of hybrid.
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Does Marxist Leninism only comprise economics or can it include the social sphere as well?
The original Marxist-Leninist version included virtually every aspect of one's existence. It aimed to create the Communist being. To each according to their need, from each according to their ability.

Such a society was of course was never achieved and today we have hybrids of capitalism with "socialism". However China doesn't even provide comprehensive state health insurance which is the hallmark of socialism (including social democracies.)
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Jan 2017
I'm not aware of any economic depth to Leninism ,
there was some early experiments during the civil war , which all failed
then the NEP which should be seen as either bowing to reality or throwing the towel on the whole system failure

any further claim of Leninism economics is simply a formal ideological rubber stamp on whatever was showed down by brute force down people throat
the economic organisation was the battle ground between the hard left ( Trotsky ) and the somewhat more realistic left ( Bukarin )
Stalin sided with the moderate to get rid of the left wing then with its remains to get rid of the moderate , then flipped again to get rid of everybody still standing


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Apr 2015
The kind of economy Marxism teaches promotes laziness among the masses and the economy becomes unproductive after few years. We can see how Venezuela destroyed her economy despite sitting over a huge oil reserve.


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Aug 2016
Communism by its very nature emphasizes the community over the individual. It also emphasizes equality over inequality. The communist utopia would have resulted in a class-less society. True Communism, had it ever been achieved (or achievable) would have resulted in a radically different society than what existed in the 19th century when Marx first published his ideas.

Note I have emphasized the 19th century. Stay away from modern politics.