Does Republicanism work?

It matters if Republicanism is fought for or forced upon. Take for instance the Egyptians that fought off Mubarak and also wanted to members of a Republic. These persons will argue a lot harder for the system of Republic than people who are just piggy-backing off of not only freedom fighters but the bankers and creditors. Also, if there was a colonial rule (say in Africa) than anything that has to do with the past rule's way of doing things is naturally viewed negatively for at least a generation.

Side note, America does not have a real republic. It's an ideal that has been unattainable for any place that thinks of representation as a place where we have to separate and segregate before we come together.
Apr 2010
Given that republic is the most common constitution in the world during past 50-100 years, it can be said that it at last work.

However problem is, people often confuse republic for democracy. Those are two quit different things. Democracy of course does not work, republics were newer intended to be democracies in the first place (check US founding fathers for example). Last time it was working was around 500BC in one Greek citystate and then only for quit short period of time.

Since then, closest anybody got to democracy were some radical revolutionary leftist regimes around the globe and they were not usually very successful.
Apr 2010
In short, democracy is "rule of the people" (no, rule of representatives of any kind is not democracy, that is partocracy) while simplest definition of republic is "public matter". Means politics and government is executed out in the public (as opposed to executed in private ...say inside some ruling elite).

That is really simplest description of those systems. For more you should study constitution and history of Athenian democracy and Roman republic as well as constitutions and histories of some later republics like Venice.

And of course you should look at founding of USA and its original political system.

You should also look at works of Plato, Machiavely, Polybius and other authors writing about democracy and or republic.
Apr 2010
Some further hints:

If democracy is the same as republic, than what differences Republican and Democratic parties in USA represent?

What was the original and only government party of USA?

Polybius defined republic as mixed constitution which combines monarchy, aristocracy and democracy ...doesn't current British constitution ring some bells?

Contemporary republics divide power in to tree principal branches which should be independent and counterbalance each other: executive, judical and legislative. But if all power is executed by people, such division and balancing does not made sense. And really, no such balances existed in democratic Athenes.

On the other hand, Romans made sure power of every institution and office was counterbalanced.

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