Don't understand about 1911 Chinese revolution


Ad Honorem
Jul 2011
I don't know much about Chinese history, but there are some things I don't understand. Why was there a child emperor? Was it that other people wanted someone they could control? There were less rigid rules about succession than in Europe, and Emperor's sons by different women could become emperor. So there shouldn't have been the need for a child ruler as in Europe.

A republic was created, but it wasn't very democratic and things were still run by the aristocracy as before. China had such a tradition of imperial rule. Was there much support for a new emperor, either from the royal family or to create a new Han Chinese dynasty? I believe an official declared himself emperor. Was the imperial system not seen as capable of modernizing? Was a republic seen as providing stability, as there might be civil wars between competing emperors? In any case, the Chinese Civil War and Japanese invasion seems similar to earlier warring states periods.

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