Duarte Pacheco Pereira, the first European to set foot on Brazil?

Jul 2017
It's widely accepted in our days that the discoverer of Brazil was Pedro Alvares Cabral, having arrived to Porto Seguro in 22 April, 1500, however many forerunners have been claimed such as Diego de Lepe, Vincente Pinzon or Duarte Pacheco Pereira.

While there's been controversy around the two spaniards early expeditions to Brazil a few months before Cabral, mainly by Portuguese historians who see these claims as "silly", one possibility of a pre-Cabral discovery has long been disputed, the Pacheco Pereira work of Esmeraldo de Situs Orbis, specialy in manuscript part has been stated as a proof of a pre Cabral arrival to Brazil

Most fortunate Prince, we have known and seen how in the third year of your reign in the year of Our Lord 1498, in which your Highness ordered us to discover the Western region, a very large landmass with many large islands with many large islands adjacent, extending 70° North of the Equator, and located beyond the greatness of the Ocean, has been discovered and navigated; this distant land is densely populated and extends 28° degrees on the other side of the Equator towards the Antarctic Pole. Such is its greatness and length that on either side its end has not been seen or known, so that it is certain that it goes round the whole globe.
However, many other historians have claimed that this is not a reference to Brazil, but to other part of Americas (Caribean Islands or Northern America), what is true is that despite all the evidence around the Pacheco Pereira and the Spanish Expeditions, Pedro Alvares Cabral is still seen by most academics as the discoverer of Brazil, and the first European to set foot in that country and certainly the first European (and Human probably) to connect Europe, Africa, America and Asia directly by sea.
Jul 2017
Hey Rodri

If that Duarte Pacheco guy had really been the first european to visit Brasil, he wouldn’t have gone back to Europe. He would have stayed to enjoy the samba and the caipirinha!! Not to mention some açai juice.

Anyway… 70° north of the equator… isn’t that like in Greenland??

28° south… that looks very much as the great island of Santa Catarina. One of its adjacent islands is Campeche. Tour guides there, tell the island wasn’t very populated in the time of the arrival of europeans.

For those who mention Duarte as the first European, where do they say Duarte arrived?

Is that controversy something among Portuguese only or brasilian historians also care about it?