DuffleBlog: Syria To Host Iraq War Reenactment

May 2018
The veterans version of "The Onion" posted this humorous article about an Iraq War re-enactment. Obviously, there is a political message regarding a potential US intervention in Syria.

I seriously wonder if this might happen some day, probably at least 20 years from now. No doubt, some of the quotes meant as a joke might actually be said:

“A lot of our children are too young to remember battles like Nasiriyah or Fallujah, but hopefully we can give them the closest thing possible.”

“During the Iraq War a lot of kids served as valuable interpreters, scouts, even front line fighters, and we’ve had parents and kids ask to bring back that experience.”

“God, we all look so young and skinny,” said member Abdullah, watching an old video of them beheading an Iraqi policeman in 2005. “It looks like I’m the only thing that’s blown up since then,” he joked.

"While a number of groups in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Yemen have been carrying out unofficial Iraq War reenactments since early 2011, the upcoming Syria one will be the closest and most realistic of all. "

"Other reenactments will include the massive sectarian butchery in Baghdad, scheduled to occur in Damascus within a few months."

It certainly puts a new light on Roman Army/Napoleonic/ACW re-enactments. I seriously doubt there will be much support to re-enact the Siege of Badajoz, where Wellington's army uncharacteristically went crazy on the local population. Yet we still re-enact Waterloo, Gettysburg and Caesar's Conquest of Gaul. In all of these instances, thousands of soldiers died or thousands of civilians were slaughtered.

Ethically speaking, re-enacting one of Julius Caesar's legionaries in Gaul (who historically raped, murdered and tortured numerous French (Gauls) would probably accepted more than re-enacting the Waffen-SS or Wermacht doing the exact same thing in France, except 2,000 years later.

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