During slavery were the enslaved treated by doctors or vets?


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May 2016
Just because somebody has an interesting in acquiring knowledge about how things worked during that era is neither disturbing nor racist.

By the way, why did you quoted me before making that statement? Seems out of topic with my post.

Recalling that "that era" is from the beginning of times until the 20th century.
Sep 2014
I don’t know if this was an urban myth. Were doctors only allowed to treat ‘free’ people? Were ‘free’ or ‘white ‘ citizens regarded as ‘human’ so got treated but blacks or ‘negroes’ classed as ‘sub human’ so had to be seen by vets?

At the time blacks were Classed as ‘3/5ths of a man’ based on constitution and voting rules and clearly treated accordingly in society
Each plantation had someone schooled (not literally in the arts of fixing bones and birthing babies...usually a Black man or woman. If you could get to town there was a doctor...if not a local would help out.


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Nov 2010
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I suppose it would depend on how much the owners thought they were worth, a house slave who the family was fond of might well get to see a doctor, but a field hand would probably have to be treated by home remedies

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Feb 2015
I once read an account of Andrew Jackson treating himself by reading a medical book which means that there was no doctor in the neighborhood. He lived on a plantation.
Jefferson, too.

I have no idea why someone in possession of a valuable asset, like a slave, would not seek competent treatment. When your car breaks down, do you hire an idiot to fix it?


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Dec 2011
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Amusing....think....a vet to treat human ailments? Slaves were assets for great wealth and a good economy they wanted them healthy. I know racism is "alive and kicking" please keep it to yourself don't spread it around.


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Jan 2011
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Why is it racism?

There is too much bad infomation that gets into the system.the Nazis classed jews and Slavs as sub-human, so does that mean they are literally not human and cant get doctors?
Likewise in the slave system the were viewed in the hardline states as barely human, unable to control their emotions and barely capable of thought.

Lekbo came up with some facts and asked if it was false, he got an answer to the question.

Doesnt that end some of the spread of racism your complaining about?
Feb 2018
Importation of slaves into the United States was prohibited after 1808 so slaves were generally treated well in America as they represented a considerable investment . (Sure, a few continued to be smuggled in).