Earliest possible time to overthrow the scholarly gentry in China?


Ad Honorem
Dec 2015
Rule of the scholarly gentry and Confucianism have been attributed to relatively low productivity and
lack of innovation in China, especially during the Ming and Qing Dynasty.
I don't treat webnovels too seriously; then, they often contain interesting points of thinking:
In the Late Ming Engineer ( 明末工程师),a new education of science, public ethics, and applied skills
such as literacy and math is provided instead of the Confucian education; a civil servant exam is based on
such values and skills.
We must realize that in real history, such education meant overthrowing the ruling base of dynastic China.
Technically, the end of the scholarly gentry was 1906, when the Confucian-based imperial exam was
Could the end of the scholarly gentry be moved earlier? If so, what might be the impacts on China?
What if modern education was provided in Qing during the 1750s?
Could the Ming Dynasty introduce Renaissance education in the 1500c?