Early Macedonian history

Oct 2012
Can anyone suggest a good history of Macedonia for the period leading up to and including Philip and Alexander? I am particularly interested in the social and economic conditions that existed in Macedonia prior to Philip and what changes took place in these social conditions during his reign.
Mar 2013
Breakdancing on the Moon.
There kind of isn't one unfortunately, the wonderful new anthropologically informed approaches that are starting to dominate archaic and classical studies haven't made their way over to Macedon yet. Most work is archaeological only and therefore culturally blind.

The companions are good starts. There are two v. important writers, Hatzopoulos and Hammond, who have wrote a fair amount. Both are keen to put Macedon in context and to try and recover specific social/religious etc practices derived from our admittedly problematic sources. Hatzopoulos' work on putative institutions is a must read.

Also, "In the shadow of Olympus" I believe it's called by Eugene Borza. Great read.