Early-modern naval mercenaries in Southeast Asia?

Jan 2015
Ching Shih? I didn't know that about her husband. Thanks for telling me.
Sure. Where do you think she got that giant pirate fleet? She inherited it from her husband who "accidentally" died somewhere in North Vietnam sea or drown from being drunk. She then married her husband foster son who happened to be her husband right hand man to legalize her position. Her husband foster son was captured by the same pirate band when he was young and was in....Roman style relation with the guy. But since he cant marry the kid (yes, he was in love with the young boy), he installed him to be his right hand man and marry a prostitute (Ching Shih). In his bed, one side is his wife, the other side is his foster son. It's awkward...
Apr 2017
the coast
That does sound like a weird situation. Well thanks for the info. Like I said I'd definitely heard of Ching Shih but pretty much nothing about her husband.

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