East European Germans in Germany after WW2 - where they settled

East European Germans in Germany, November 1946:

Some interesting info about their regional distribution:

Germans from East Prussia settled mainly along the Baltic and North Sea coasts: "(...) The expellees from East Prussia moved westward along the Baltic Sea and piled up in large concentrations in both Mecklenburg and Schleswig-Holstein on the southern coast of that sea and near the Danish border. (...)"

Eastern European Germans in West Germany in 1950:

Baden-Württemberg only:


Bavaria only:

Schleswig only:

There was a large gender imbalance in the expellee population, the men having been lost in the war:

Regional distribution of East European Germans (where they settled):

Breakdown of Eastern European Germans by their region of origin:

But between 1950 and 1961 many Germans fled the GDR (Soviet/Communist Germany) and settled in West Germany - in total approximately 2,700,000 - including around 839,000 Germans who had previously fled Eastern Europe (and had initially settled in the GDR, later fleeing to West Germany):

"Of the approximate 2.7 million Germans who fled the GDR prior to 1961, 839,000 were expellees [from Eastern Europe]."


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