East European Germans in Germany after WW2 - where they settled

Apr 2019
East European Germans in Germany, November 1946:

Some interesting info about their regional distribution:

Germans from East Prussia settled mainly along the Baltic and North Sea coasts: "(...) The expellees from East Prussia moved westward along the Baltic Sea and piled up in large concentrations in both Mecklenburg and Schleswig-Holstein on the southern coast of that sea and near the Danish border. (...)"

Eastern European Germans in West Germany in 1950:

Baden-Württemberg only:


Bavaria only:

Schleswig only:

There was a large gender imbalance in the expellee population, the men having been lost in the war:

Regional distribution of East European Germans (where they settled):

Breakdown of Eastern European Germans by their region of origin:

But between 1950 and 1961 many Germans fled the GDR (Soviet/Communist Germany) and settled in West Germany - in total approximately 2,700,000 - including around 839,000 Germans who had previously fled Eastern Europe (and had initially settled in the GDR, later fleeing to West Germany):

"Of the approximate 2.7 million Germans who fled the GDR prior to 1961, 839,000 were expellees [from Eastern Europe]."


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Just as an aside comment, I had a German girlfriend in West Berlin (1950s) who was born in East Prussia. Both she and her elder sister ended up in the USA via sponsorships (not by marriage).
Did they have a useful skill?


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Lorraine tudesque
In 1948 Robert Schuman got a letter from the leader of the Lorrainers in the Banat. In the letter , written in German , the Obmann Johan Laumesfeld asked for help.

Schuman was able to bring a lot of them to France.