East Indian trade linking East Asia in 2nd millennium BC? archaeological evidence

Mar 2019
Chinese chronicles state on the trades occurring between southern china and india through south east asia as early as 127 BC

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12-11th century BC



indian terracotta disk, shunga period



the video talks about cultural links of an east asian culture ''Sanxingdui'' with the western nations, the presence of ivory objects as stated also hints at the trade with with south east asia or india as well, i watched this video few years ago but then i recently came across the indian artifact which provides probably the first concrete evidence to cultural exchanges between india and eastern asia in the 2nd mil BC and the presence of east asian/chinese trade route with india through east india/bengal, bihar and north east india/assam, arunachal pradesh etc


a chinese scholars, Chung Tan long time ago also made connection of the golden sanxingdui disk with the worship of Surya/sun god



Himalaya Calling: The Origins Of China And India

again, i read them a couple of years ago and didn't believe it and found it speculative at best until i stumbled across the shunga artifact.

there are also archaeological evidences of shunga period architecture dug from pragjyothishpura/gwahati and existence of many ruined fortified cities for instance nalrajargarh, bhitapur etc which are all situated at the north east indian territory verifies the existence of an ancient trade route which was using atleast from second mil BC all the way to 5th century AD, harshacharita also mentions trade of north india with north east india where prized items like vitiver were brought from assam to be used to manufacture expensiv perfumes.

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