Effect of the naval blockade of World War 1 on the economy of Austria-Hungary

Aug 2014
Atlanta, GA
Hello, I am conducting research for a high school class in which I must present the effect of naval blockades on several european countries. However, I have not been very successful in conducting research on the economy of Austria-Hungary as a result of the naval blockade. I was wondering if anyone had any material available or is able to comment on this topic. I ask that you please support your answers with sources if at all possible. Thank you.
Mar 2014
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I don't think it violates the homework help policy to mention that Austria-Hungary had only a very short coastline in the Adriatic, and to add the words "Otranto Barrage".

Check your local library for "The Pity of War" by Niall Fergusson, which deals extensively with the economies of the major powers and effects of blockade.
Nov 2010
There's a classic piece of film where a battleship overturns and many of the crew run down the sides and on to the bottom.

Pretty sure that was an Austro-Hungarian battleship along that little coast! Cant remember the name though.

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