Effectiveness of Chinese Mountain Armor

Jan 2018
China (Hong Kong SAR)
Although mountain armor is the main piece I am interested in, I wouldn't mind the occasional drift to just armors in general.

So how effective is Chinese mountain armor?

It states here that although it is protective, it is unpopular due to complicated production. And it makes sense, considering that this is the popular officer's armor.

Yet, previous attempted reconstructions would result in defects.

My question is also along the lines of, if the construction is correct and the armor is therefore feasible, is it resistant to arquebusier shots?
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Feb 2011
If you don't even know how it's designed, only its outward appearance, then how would you KNOW how effective it is?

That's like saying: If you KNEW how fast Bob was, would you say he can run faster than me?

We know pretty much next to nothing about it. Would love to be wrong about this, believe you me.
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