effects of the Spanish Armada wins


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Dec 2014
Mr Martin,the treaty of Vervins was conclued between Henry IV and tne "invencible" Felipe II,the 2nd may 1598 (el dos de mayo de los hugonotes) and not in 1588.
I know perfectly Monsieur Dupuy when it was signatured Vervins and also I know why it was signatured

Peace of Vervins was not a Spanish defeat if Treaty of London was not an English defeat.... Vervins signatured because Philip II was dying and he was his son begun his reign in Peace....confirmed the Cateau- Cambresis Peace... French Armies evacuated Charolais, Spanish one evacuated Vermandois... France specifically recognized Artois and Flanders as Spanish Dominions but Henry IV refused to recognize Spanish sovereignty over Navarra.

That was Vervins. a draw...


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Jul 2011
Except Spain clearly got away with far less. And England was indeed very much subjugated by Spain first by Catherine of Aragon and later again by Mary I. Certainly England was never annexed outright, but the dynastic union made England a de facto province of Spain whose affairs were controlled by it. The whole point of converting to Protestantism was breaking off said Spanish domination over England.
I agree completely with this, except it is overstated with "subjugated" and "whole point".

Subjugated is way to strong a word. It is like in the Cold War and today, there are countries quasi-allied with the US where the US has influence.

England was similar to France in the mid 16th century, mostly Catholic, with some Protestants, and it never fully became Protestant. I wouldn't say it was the whole reason for becoming Protestant. However, it worked out well politically to be religiously opposed to France and Spain. Similarly, there were political reasons for Ireland and Poland being Roman Catholic.

It is possible that part of the support for Henry VIII's divorce and break with Rome was to lesson Spanish influence. Also, part of the reason Elizabeth I was able to become Queen and why she took the religious policies she did was to lessen Spanish influence. The marriage of Phillip and Mary created the likelihood that England would become almost part of the Spanish Empire.
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