Egyptian Nationalist Revolution of 1919

Feb 2019
The revolution in Egypt broke out in March 1919 after the British arrested Sa'd Zaghlul, the leader of the Wafd Party, the leading Egyptian nationalist party, and several other Wafdists. They were then deported to Malta. The exile of these famous leaders led to student demonstrations that soon escalated into massive strikes by students, government officials, professionals, women, and transport workers.

Nationalist discontent had been fueled by the protectorate established by the British at the beginning of the war, wartime shortages of essential goods, increased prices, the forced conscription of peasants as laborers for the military, and the presence of vast numbers of Western soldiers in Egypt.

Within a week, all of Egypt was paralyzed by general strikes and rioting. The violence resulted, with many Egyptians and Europeans killed or injured when the British attempted to crush the demonstrations. European quarters and citizens were attacked by angry crowds who hated the special privileges and economic benefits given to foreigners.
Rail and telegraph lines were cut, and students refused to attend classes. Zaghlul had worked hard in the weeks before his arrest to mold the Wafd into an efficient political party. He traveled around the countryside, gathering support and collecting money. In spite of martial law, which was imposed by the ................

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Nov 2010
Happens every few decades in Egypt doesn't it? Had one a few years ago - nothing like a good riot, burn a few properties, sack the museum, kill a few foreigners and molest a load of women in the middle of crowds. Par for the course

(But thanks for the info, interesting)
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