Elizabeth I and Henri IV


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Do we know with précisions the volume of the military help that gave Elizabeth I,queen of England,to his protestant neighbour Henri IV,at the end of the wars of religionn (1588-1598) ?
Did she give any at all after he renounced Calvinism and became a Catholic? His conversion angered both the Queen and French Huguenots. I believe the Wars of Religion were from 1588-1598 ending with the Edict of Nantes. I know he got help from Spain. England was an ally before 1588 but that was the year the wars began.
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I believe the Wars of Religion were from 1588-1598 ending with the Edict of Nantes. I know he got help from Spain.
Wars of Religion were in 1562 - 1598. That is generally accepted timeline in historiography. Henry of Navarre did not become king in 1588. Henry III of Valois was still king of France.

Henry also converted to Catholicism in 1593. Plus, he actually fought against Spain in 1595 - 1598. By the end of 1594, certain League members still worked against Henry across the country, but all relied on Spain's support. In January 1595, the king declared war on Spain to show Catholics that Spain was using religion as a cover for an attack on the French state—and to show Protestants that his conversion had not made him a puppet of Spain. Also, he hoped to take the war to Spain and make territorial gain. The conflict mostly consisted of military action aimed at League members, such as the Battle of Fontaine-Française, though the Spanish launched a concerted offensive in 1595, taking Doullens, Cambrai and Le Catelet and in the spring of 1596 capturing Calais by April. Following the Spanish capture of Amiens in March 1597 the French crown laid siege until its surrender in September. With that victory Henry's concerns then turned to the situation in Brittany where he promulgated the Edict of Nantes and sent Bellièvre and Brulart de Sillery to negotiate a peace with Spain. The war was drawn to an official close after the Edict of Nantes, with the Peace of Vervins in May 1598.

English were helping Dutch revolt at that time and they also had disastrous English Armada in 1589. It was complete failure of Elizabeth I. In the end, England couldn't defeat Spain and had to withdraw military and financial support to the Dutch rebels. Yes, England was forced to end its financial and military support for the Dutch rebellion.
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