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Jan 2017
It seems that Gilgamesh legend outlasted his Gods ,
like Akkadian was the medium of diplomacy for centuries , well after Akkad was dust

the religious confusion might be related to Sumer priest run cities each with it's variant cult
the kings were war leaders by didn't seem to have overreaching power
it took Sargon to teach them the way of the king
Sep 2014
Von Daniken in Chariots of the Gods postulated Enlil was an ET who manufactured humanity by telling a story entitled The Rape of Enlil. The god had sex with a lesser human to create a superior human.


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Jan 2017
Von Daniken had a good racket , better than astrology
his stuff is like Teflon , pretty hard to make anything stick on it
Sep 2015
Bel appears to have been well known to Greek historians and he was also recognised in the Book of Daniel. There are some traditions about Enlil that I`m curious about. For example the tradition that as a young prince he was banished to Kur and also his apparent association with the constellation Bootes. Is there any evidence that these traditions later attached themselves to Bel? Also the tradition that he invented the mattock which in turn associates him with agriculture. Dagon also appears to have been a god of agriculture.
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Oct 2018
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Von Daniken in Chariots of the Gods postulated Enlil was an ET who manufactured humanity by telling a story entitled The Rape of Enlil. The god had sex with a lesser human to create a superior human.
Erich Von Daniken is not a credible source. The man was a pathologic liar and charlatan. If you think I'm wrong, spend some time trying to validate some of his references. I did, and was not able to validate ONE.

Thee examples; the "non rusting iron pillar 'in India. it does actually have some surface rust. There is nothing astounding about it. Iron rusts due to impurities. The column happens to be made of a high grade iron, with a method well known in India at the time it was made.

The Naszca lines in Peru: Von Daniken claims that they were made as landing areas for spaceships and that they can only be seen from the air:
The lines can be clearly seen from local foothills. They are not laid out cleanly, but many intersect or have been made on top of others. Its seems likely that the lines have been made over a long period

A final beauty; Van Daniken claims that roads made by the Inca or Maya (I can't remember which) were made for aliens, because the civilisation which built them did not use the wheel,.

Playboy did a detailed interview with Von Daniken in the 70's. He does not come out of the experience well.

It's bad enough that Von Daniken was full of it imo it's worse because he was nota fruit cake, bu ta crook (he had been in prison for embezzlement). An entire genre of" god was an alien" sprang up in the1970' riding on Von Danikens ill-deserved fame .

If you don't feel like going through the entire interview, perhaps start with the article linked below:

"In 1974 AD Erich Von Daniken—of ancient astronaut alien fame (or, infamy)—was interviewed by Timothy Ferris; an interview you can find scanned from the original magazine here and yet, one that no one seems to have transcribed as of yet which is why we will provide much of the text within this series.

Timothy Ferris did a great job in digging into the issues pertaining to Erich Von Daniken many claims. Von Daniken shows an ability to attempt good answers which, if left to themselves, would fly (pardon the pun) and yet, which Ferris all but dismantles by digging deeper.

Let us begin with some statements about Erich Von Daniken background beginning with what his views are:
Von Daniken speculates that Earth was explored at least twice in prehistoric times by intelligent beings from another world. According to him, the mated with humans, bestowed the gifts of intelligence and civilization and may have helped build such monuments as the pyramids…"

Playboy of the gods: Erich Von Daniken | True Freethinker
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Jan 2017
a slur on H.P. Lovecraft
he always wrote fantastic fiction , a much greater endeavor that fitting the fantastic into our own mundane reality

" the dream quest of unknown Kadath " got me into my own dream quest
...Still seeking