EP elections 2019

Do you plan to vote on the EP elections?

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Oct 2015
Matosinhos Portugal
I have always been against the European Union, and I have never trusted it, we have the example of Germany threatening to expel Greece.

I never voted, and I will never vote.

( Saying - Every head your sentence )
Aug 2010
Welsh Marches
It’ll be interesting to see how politics works after whenever and however Brexit is sorted. Will we see a break up of the existing parties or will normal service be resumed?
I've totally given up trying to work out what's going to happen, it's enough of an effort to try to believe that what is currently happening is really happening; but it must be at least possible that Mrs May has dished the Tories for a generation through her incompetence.
Aug 2009
Will we see a break up of the existing parties or will normal service be resumed?
This would be my ideal scenario. Everyone seems to want a change to the political order and I think Brexit is the only catalyst available for this, if not, it'll be business as usual. What actually happens is anyones guess!


Ad Honorem
Sep 2013
The thing is - to go off at a tangent - if we’re going to have a significantly larger number of parties we’re going to need PR otherwise we’ll have MPs elected with a very small percentage of the total vote.


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Jul 2017
Crows nest
One of the arguments for first past the post is that it gives a clear winner and brings stability. I think since the 2010 election that argument is not really valid any longer, if it ever was. All it does now it keep incompetents in power, Tory and Labour. I hope for a massive Brexit vote next week and maximum damage to the main parties. Yet, while it will make headlines, it will probably not have much effect and the inertia will continue, the same old same old revolving door of mongs in Parliament.
Feb 2019
I'm not a EU citizen so I can't vote. I dislike the EU, especially in its current state so I can only watch and wait for the results. It would be interesting to see what will happen in the UK, since their EMPs would not be there for long if they leave in November. It also makes me wonder how many will actually vote and what will happen to the ''remain'' faction of Brexit. As a side note I wonder if this thread counts as current politics.

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