Eurocentric thought: Dark Ages

Aug 2015
If we do not search for deep, we will miss important informations. I mean, known world. 'Dark Ages' term is first put forward by Francesco Petrarca to the history. If you're unfamiliar with renaissance, maybe you can't know that who is he? He is a scholar and poet in the Early Renaissance Italy. He describes this ages as a 'dark'. Why? What is the relation of this poet with the dark ages?

It's may be not important, but he is a humanist poet. [1] We can also recognize him with his philosophical studies. During the early renaissance, he was known by many communities. Petrarca, has become famous especially after 1340's. He has earned titles during this period and he also prepared some works. This work has demonstrated that he has a certain level at the top of his morality and knowledge. [2] During the 1330's, this 'dark age' term has entered fully into Early Latin Literature. Petrarch describes post-Roman era as 'dark', but he was describe ancient age as 'light'. [3]

I want to talk about main issue instead of the Petrarca for now. You can read for more information about this poet from the following links.

Dante, Petrarch, & Boccaccio - The Fathers of Humanism

Eurocentric Understanding: Dark Ages

Why the term of 'dark ages' is so popular? I think these ages are not as dark as described. There are many inventions that effect today; for example smartphones. Although it did not affect directly, it's contains. I think, dark age term is a negative perspective. I mean, this is related to the negative perspective on the history of Europeans. Also during the Italian Renaissance period, there are many works that represent the dark age. Just like Petrarca's "The Triumph of Death" work. Of course, everything can seem as ancient Roman times is progressing good. But, September 4, 476 in the Western Roman Empire collapsed, the East was experiencing a very different era.

A Civilization Beyond the Dark Ages: Islamic Civilization

The situation in here is very different. In fact, the Islamic Civilization of this period, has very valuable knowledge. They have educate very distinguished scientists. I think no one should not ignore this situation. When you look at events from the point of view of a Eurocentric, everywhere he was experiencing a dark period, including between 476 and 1000 years Islamic Civilizations. Diseases, and much more. No. There was no such thing, all around the world of course.

They said that people persecuted by the Catholic Church. Holy Books has prepared people to be taught science and the arts. Even in this period, we can even say that people increase their interest theater by reading Holy Books. We know that in during this period, religious books has prepared with incredible art. You can imagine everything by reading these books.

Now, lets continue with the dark age. Tyranny of the barbarians, the destruction of the whole places are Eurocentric description. Now, let's talk about that what was going on during this period of Islamic Civilization? From 476 to 1000, various parts of the world experiencing the worst period in the history. However, it is correct to say that it was an obscure terms like itself. Everything is composed in terms of a point of view. In every age the world has a whole new perspective of assessing the milestone. The European perspective for the period was ignoring innovation. The Islamic Civilizations were rising with knowledge and wisdom. But Europe was in trouble with war. The inventions' light of Islamic Civilizations flourished on many things. This was such a great shine, attracting the attention of Europe. Crusaders had a religious purpose, of course, but the priority was wealth, culture and knowledge.

From Abbas Kasım Ibn Firnas to Merriam al-Ijliyah al-Astrulabi

If you're not so keen on content such as astronomy and astrolabe these names may sound foreign to you. There are too many evidance that shows us Islamic Civilization inventions.

Abbas Ibn Firnas is a Berber astronomer. Also known with alchemy and poetry works. Firnas, has managed to fly 1023 years ago from the Wright Brothers. [4]

Merriam al-Ijliyah al-Astrulabi, she is known as Muslim Mother of inventions. Merriam al-Astrulab is known with her handmade astrolabe. [5]

These inventions are lead to satellite, cameras, telephones, airplanes, and even still used in hospital surgical tools and supplies. Also, as you remember I was mention smartphone above. Exactly although not effect the smartphone. Ibn al-Haytham, he is a scholar who lead the present-day camera. Arabian physicist and mathematician Ibn al-Haytham, claimed that the light comes from the object. Ibn al-Haytham prepared important work on the theory of light, has been a pioneer on the camera and the camera is being used now. [6]

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