Europe and USA (march-april-may 1916)

Jun 2017
If France would have been completely defeated in Verdun in march-april-may-june 1916 just before the battle of the Somme (july-august-september) would the USA have decided to make an intervention in Europe ?
US decision was based on Zimmerman telegram. War in early 1917 wasn't going strongly one way or another at that time. If the war is over in the West there probably is no declaration though because there's no fight to send troops too and the US wasn't going to unilaterally attack Germany.


Ad Honoris
Jul 2013
San Antonio, Tx
Thank you very much.But imagine that the troops of the Kayser suceeded to occupy Anvers,in front of the Thames,and Brest in front of the Atlantic,what could do the USA ?
Give it a rest. Before getting involved in WW1, the US basically had no army that could operate in Europe. There was an Air Corps, but it wasn’t very big. It took time to organize the whole lot. I have often read that it wasn’t what the US would do in 1918, but what it would do in 1919. Interesting.

As for Antwerp and Brest, I have no idea, frankly and it’s rather speculative.

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