Europe vs Asia in 1500 AD in military capability and technology

Jan 2019
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From what I found there are several comparison of European and Asian military during the 16th century, however most of the military compared appear mostly in the later part of the 16th century like Japan and the Mughal Empire.

Comparison of the Ming, Mughal and Japanese militaries in the 1590s

Spanish Conquset of Ming China

Who was 16th century leading world power?

So far I have never seen a comparison of both in the late 15th century.

The early 15th century show strong Asian powers like the Timurid, Ottoman and Ming dynasty having large advantage over European military.

Most of the comparison show that Asian powers could even the odds in the later 16th century with muskets and artillery adopted from Europe, but how about in 1500, when muskets and other European weaponry had not yet been introduced to a large part of Asia?
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Feb 2012
Not being a topic I'm very familiar with but Portugal fought several wars in Asia in that century and by the time of the wars of Cochin the Malabares had been equiped by the Turks and even got the help of some Italian dissidents.
Nevertheless wether in Asia or somewhere else always got the impression military tactics seem to have been the decisive factor. Mentioning this from memory but Luís Mendes de Vasconcelos who had extensive military experience wrote that military experience in Asia was of little benefit to youths as battles there were carried in a too chaotic manner when compared with Europe. He used this as part of an argument against the territtorial conquests in India as he thought a small colony was enough as a landbase for the trade.
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I'd say it definitely goes to Europe. Although the Ming Dynasty was very powerful (third greatest dynasty of China), Portuguese and Spanish (Castile, Aragon, and Navarre) militaries and technology were outstanding. The rest of Europe was also becoming more civilized and in the heart of the Renaissance and the HRE was also fairly powerful. Although if you count the Ottomans definitely Asia. Ottoman military was very advanced and organized and the Ottomans were the most powerful empire during that time period.