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Mar 2018
South Carolina
I just finished retracing my grandfather's complete history during his time in Europe during WWII. I am wanting to do a nice presentation for our family. Mainly his 6 children. I have searched everywhere for a large map or maps that would allow me to show his footsteps from England into France and then Germany until he left Germany to come home. I'd like a large map as a overview to highlight his route and then several smaller maps to show each town close up, that he fought through. Also I'd like it to be a map from that time period so all the towns and road names will match up. A modern toad map would have to much clutter and new roads. I feel that will take away from what I'm trying to do. If it's a map I can download or scan at a high resolution for zooming that would be great. If it's a printed map from the 40's, even better. Please help. I'd like to get this done by my grandfather's bday in November.


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Dec 2011
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Another two links:

95th Infantry Division, "Iron Men of Metz" :: The Patriot Files :: Dedicated to the preservation of military history

The advance party had been at its busiest in drawing the Division's vehicles from various pools. The 378th Infantry, minus the 1st and 3rd Battalions, Division Headquarters and Headquarters Special Troops, 320th Medical Battalion, 95th Quartermaster Company and 95th Signal Company were quartered in Winchester. The 377th Infantry, 379th Infantry, Division Artillery, 795th Ordnance Company and 95th Reconnaissance Troop were located at Barton Stacey Camp, about twelve miles northwest of Winchester. The balance of the 378th Infantry was scattered in quaintly named localities east and northeast of Winchester. Armsworth House Camp, Brighton Wood Camp, Bishop's Sutton Camp, New Alresford, Tichborne Park and Cheriton. The 320th Engineer Battalion was located at Northwood Park, about three miles northwest of Winchester

95th Infantry Division - Its History

with PDF book;