evidences of literacy in South Asia from IVC to mauryan periods?

Mar 2019
some of the discoveries of scripts are as follows

  1. SR Rao's discovery of bhit dwarka script dating to 1520 BC
  2. Bihar seal containing written letters from 1100 BC or probably a grafiti sign?
  3. an anthropomorph copper plate with brahmi characters dated between 2nd mil BC - 1st mil BC probably containing early brahmi characters
  4. Annaicoddai seal
  5. a stone celt with indus writings discovered from tamil nadu dated to 2000-1500 BC or grafiti sign?
  6. discovery of Pushkarasani script from Gandhara indicating an earlier dating based on paleographic studies.
  7. Ancient inscriptions in rock art of Sindh | The Express Tribune how credible is this news?



here are remarks by Iravatham mahadevan

“…this sign occurs almost exclusively on the votive tablets and sealings, indicating that it is a ‘religious formula’ of some kind. It is significant that in the Late Harappan Period at Kalibangan, the basic ideogram for ‘deity’ begins to appear as large-sized graffiti on pottery suggestive of its use also as a religious symbol.
It is even more significant that the basic Indus ideogram for ‘deity’ survived as a religious symbol in the Post-Harappan Era and occurs in regions far removed from the Harappan homeland:
(a) The frequent 3-sign text mentioned earlier (but with Sign 47 in the lead) is engraved on a seal found in the excavations at Vaśālī, Bihar” [p. 463]”


Blast from the past: New language system of Gandhara civilisation discovered | The Express Tribune

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