Evola and Guénon, antimodernism and traditionalism, its influence in contemporary conservative politics (Bannon and his local equivalents)

Aug 2013
Hi. I'd like to share the insight of these authors and their work being used as intellectual reference by contemporary conservative influencers, such as Bannon, Olavo de Carvalho in Brazil and those in similarity of thought.
Could anyone familiar with Evola and Guenon enlighten me if there's an actual relation and if these authors can be used as reference to understand the contemporary conservative critic of democracy, modernism and plurarism?
Sure you can say I've come with the wrong premises, but if we could stick to the confirmation or not of this assumption I would appreciate. Thank you!
Dec 2018
North Dublin
Anyone know of any decent collection of esoteric essays? Preferably one with various authors, such as Schuon, Eliade, Guenon & Evola.
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