Examples of clothing and styles in ancient India

Feb 2013
What did they wear in the winter? The clothes wouldn't be warm enough for an Afghan winter, although from what read, the ivories were from rhe site of the summer palace.
Those ivories that I showed from Afghanistan are probably clothing and people from India proper. Those are originally made in deeper parts of India, later brought to that area. That's really not what Afghans would have worn.

You can see what Afghans would've worn from Gandhara art.

They have heavier clothing for the Afghan climate and cover their torsos. Though some are transparent among higher class females.

Here's an interest piece from the Begram stock.

The Yakshi on the left looks like clothing from an upper class female from deeper parts of India.

The Yakshi on the right looks like heavier clothing styles from Afghanistan.

Also, what would be the material? Cotton and silk, I am sure, but did they also use linen and other fabric?

I remember Greek sources saying cotton, I'll look that up later.
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Feb 2013

Foreign Buddhist pilgrims

You can tell from their clothing, lack of turban, head band (also pointy hat), curly hair, etc. that they belong in the frontiers. And that they dont belong in India proper in ancient times.

They are said to be greek. Who fashioned head bands and short curly hair. Or frontiers people that have been influenced by Greek, Central Asian styles.





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