Examples of clothing and styles in ancient India

it seems like the dress is not turkic after all


this shirt pattern had been declared as ''turkic'' and mughals wearing ''turkic'' tunic, the above pre islamic palm leaf painting proves its not, the trousers also seem very close to the design of mughal trousers as well with verticle strips, so mughals were really following only east indian traditional clothes?


jahangir's wife


painting from mughal period


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mauryan battle halmet or a cap?


Kanishka helmet or a hat?


satavahana? helmet


probably same style as the above one, but it maybe him wearing a helmet or a cap with the crown, but its interesting.

mauryan soldiers riding an elephant


the conical helmet/cap seem to resemble mathura cap which has been declared ''Kushan''

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seems to have been declared indus valley civilizatio artifact, picked this up from wikipedia, but captions can be wrong, cannot find any other source either
I've never seen this figurine.
Can we confirm it's genuinity?

In the picture that you posted yesterday, the pupil had bare midriff that's why I was wondering about the gender.
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Soldiers must have worn some kind of foot-wear. A solidier cannot afford to be pricked by a thorn or stone when engaged in a duel. Any extra layer, cotton, net, animal skin or armor will add to the safety of the soldier.
It's not common at all. Even foot soldiers all the way in Gandhara mostly went bear foot.

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