Examples of clothing and styles in ancient India

Jun 2014
New Delhi, India
Leather shoes were not considered aesthetic and pure, that is why painters and sculptures did not show it. What was permitted was wooden sandals which you would find sages wearing. Where from the word 'paduka' (foot-wear) comes? And we have such beautiful shoes, sometimes jewel encrusted (jooti). It is even a part of our invocation of deities (Puja (Hinduism) - Wikipedia).
"Padyam grihana Devesha, pada prakshalayam hetu padyam samarpayami": (O great deity, I offer you water to wash your feet, kindly accept it).
Washed and cleaned/toweled feet are so soothing, and we try to make the invoked deity as comfortable as we can. It is a cultural thing.
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