Examples of clothing and styles in ancient India


Circular object with a circle of beads around the rim. Next follows a circle of flying birds. In the center there is a sun symbol with several rays. On the reverse there is a decoration due to which it may be identified as a dabber. About one third of the plaque broken and lost.

shunga 2nd Century BCE

remainds me of sanxingdui gold disc


Golden Sun Bird - Wikipedia

Seated terracotta figure of a male wearing an open waistcoat and round earrings. Knees are injured.


Terracotta head wearing round kundalas. Hairs are arranged in two top knots above is covered with rosettes. Both knots of the headdress and left part of forehead injured. Grey clay.


A mutilated terracotta head wearing a pagree decorated with incised lines on the plates of the cloth. There are two of beaded strings shown above the forehead. Left ear has been lost. right eye is damaged.


Terracotta head having round smiling face. Two front side teeth are visible. It wears an applied pagree of one strap on his head. It seems to be the head to be the head of a child.
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A mutilated front wall of a terracotta toy cart depicting the head of two bulls inside a semicircular panel studded with rosettes in the lower part. Three human figures are shown on the top. One female and two males are shown holding the semicircular part of the chariot shown above the bull's head. The chariot is decorated with flowers. Human figures are wearing ornaments and head dress. shunga


Small pottery fragment containing an kirttimukha incised a circle.

shunga period


Small face of a human figure. Two rows of beaded strings seen on the forehead. Ears are lost. Shunga period


The figure of a lady is shown holding a fan of palm leaf in her right hand. She is holding her sari with the left hand. Folds of the sari is clearly observed.

shunga period


shunga period head with a moustache
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