Examples of clothing and styles in ancient India

in one of the reliefs from south india/satavahana period i found an imagery of a king with his assistant or somebody who was drawn smaller than his stature, a similar style of painting which i had encountered which is from british colonial era showed an english guy and standing on his side a smaller statured indian guy, i first thought it was racism how english painters used to paint showing british people taller than indians, but then realized through the satavahana reliefs this was an ancient indian tradition of depicting high status people as bigger in height compared to the rest. I remember an indian comment on the colonial painting as racism as well, seems like indians themselves are ignorant of their past. There is also chola painting of a chola king with his three ''little wives'' as well which i also encountered probably a month ago in this very thread.

this is a very interesting information i learnt from wikipedia, how much authentic, God knows

i was looking for trader's guild and found this info

Shreni - Wikipedia

Well documented references to the existing of shreni have been found from 5th century BC, and texts pertaining to hunaina and malika mention existence of shrenis and conversion of entire members of some shrenis to Buddhism or Jainism. Over a period of time, some shrenis became very wealthy with surplus resources, and acted as custodians and bankers of religious and other endowments. One of the widely referred shreni was of ivory carvers of Vidisha (located in the modern Indian state of Madhya Pradesh). This shreni is accredited with sponsoring and financially supporting the construction of the southern gateway of the Stupa at Sanchi, which is currently a World Heritage Site.


probably a miniature of a buddhist temple from afghanistan with pillar square vaulting with a solid dome above it. Tepe Sardar, Tepe Narenj, Ghazni

Tapa Sardar and Tepe Narenj: Widening the focus on the Buddhist art of Afghanistan

reminds me of a similar shrine design from Ter temple, osmanabad, maharashtra



maratha era temple


a ruin of a monastry with a pointed arch corbel door in swat, gandhara

Authorities asked to preserve Gandharan monastic settlements in Swat - Newspaper - DAWN.COM

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some interesting coins


Silver Karshapana of Matsya Janapada(600-400BC) is scarcer. Archaic Punch Marked Coinage found in West Uttar Pradesh region from Agra Hoard and attributed to Matsya Janapada. Central Punch of an Intertwined Serpant which is a representation of Kundalini.


Uninscribed Die-Struck Coin - Taxila, c. 200-150BC Obv: Giant face of Yaksha with thick eyebrows and pointed ears with 3 arched hill as forehead; a 'fish pillar standard' to left. Rev: lotus pillar standard in a low railing with snake-like ribbons attached to either side.


probably a gada instead of a pillar

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