Excesses of violence and sexuality in Manga art

Nov 2016
In a large bookstore in downtown Munich, in the midst of other manga books, a manga is displayed in which on page 5 an a tergo group rape of several naked girls by greedily lusting dwarf demons is shown, with the girls screaming painfully. All is shown very directly, i.e. not only hinted at. The book is not marked with an age restriction. It is easily accessible also for 8-year-old children. I assume that similar scenes can also be seen in many other manga books displayed there, it was just the first one I looked into, so it can hardly be an exception.

I like manga art very much, but hasn't it become too much of a playing field for artists who can legally exhibitize their actually non-youth-free fantasies here? Neither in "normal" comics nor in literary products of any other kind would that be legally possible, I think.

The subject is also dealt with in this book:

The Regulation of Sex-Themed Visual Imagery
Sep 2014
violence is also a big part of Yaoi. I don't actually follow it, but sexual violence in comics is what spurs these forms on. It sells.


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Apr 2010
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If it's not appropriate for children, then it's up to the authorities to correctly classify it, and the bookshop to make sure it is not accessible.

As for authors expressing their fantasies, well, it's culturally acceptable in Japan. There are historical reasons and precedents, and it is not for a western audience to judge or demand changes.

That it's on sale in Germany shows that there's a market on it.

Japan has a recorded rape rate of 1.0/100000 people, compared to 9.4 for Germany. Even accounting for differences in laws and a possible reluctance to report rape, it's still pretty significant. It's arguable that it's far better for such feelings to ne expressed in a comic fantasy rather than real life.

Not to mention that a lot of the erotic artists are actually women.

It is, however, true that Japan is a very misogynistic society.