Famous homosexual ancient Greeks and Romans

Jul 2015
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I know homosexuality was tolerated among pre-Christian Greco-Roman cultures and I want to know the famous individuals who were crypto or open gay/Lesbian in ancient Rome/Greece.

I can recall this names

1. Achilles and Patroclus
2. Alexander and Hephaestion
3. Theban band
4. Sappho
5. Julius Ceaser
6. Cicero
7. Hadrian and Antinous Pius
8. Virgil

How many people can you name?
Jul 2015
Beyond your releam
Practically nobody was homosexual since they had also wifes and relation to women. Also the bisexuality of some of them is not so sure.
Having wives was a tradition or cover up for some people. Using your own logic do you know any other bisexual/homosexuals in ancient Greece/Rome?
Jan 2015
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How do you know Julius Caesar was homosexual?
Last I recall that was only a rumour started by the Senate to discredit him. That Caesar had given sexual favours to the King of Bythinia so that he would support the Romans, specifically the Roman general Marcus Minucius Thermus, against Mithridates VI. Of course nothing supports this claim as it was just the rants of the more conservative factions in Rome against Caesar.
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Nov 2013
Why cover up when it seems that they had fun with more than one women? The official wife, the hetere and the porne as it is mentioned in ancient texts. Why cover up if it is acceptable. I just know that an acceptance and freedom of sexuality in the ancient years is used in our day and intepreted wrong with our standarts present some of the ancient persons as crazy pink fether queens. Nothing against homosexuals but and intepretations with modern standarts to the ancient years doesnt fit in every case.


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Oct 2009
Elagabalus is actually one of the very few figures in Antiquity who could be called bisexual with confidence. At least if we take Cassius Dio at face value.

Trajan and Hadrian were both married, but there also seems to be a consensus that they only derived sexual pleasure from boys. I've never heard of Antoninus Pius being anything other than heterosexual, though.
Nov 2013
First of all welcome and sorry if my response seems offensive to you. Myself think from my writing is clear that I dont denie the presence of free sexuality in the ancient years also that some of them you mention was possibly also out from the one or the other source in more intim relations with the same gender persons. But why they should be back than as example more homosexuals/bisexuals than in our days? Cover up or not .

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