Famous Numbers in History


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May 2014
15: The number of SSRs within the USSR.

3: The German Reich #3 was by far the most notorious and evil out of all of the German Reichs! :(


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Jan 2017
" Are you suggesting that a million European Jews died during the Holocaust as a result of disease and/or starvation? "
the number of six millions Jews dead is not in question , the cases and circunstances are many
does a Jewish political commissar shot by the Wehrmacht died as a jew or as a bolshevik or as a Soviet ?
the Jewish Belorussian villages torched with their inhabitants during operation Kormoran were victims of an anti-partisan operation
there was a big war on , Jews died in many ways for many causes ,
sometimes as fighters , sometimes as bystanders ,
sometimes as victims of local pogroms in Galicia , Lithuania or Latvia even before the Germans got to it
the number of 5 millions deliberately targeted and killed as Jews by the application of Nazi directives is about right
precise numbers are impossible to ascertain , some died due to acts of war , how many Jews starved to death in Leningrad ?


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Jan 2017
42 ... "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything", calculated by the most powerful computer ever created


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Oct 2011
Italy, Lago Maggiore
666 ...

if I have to think to a number which has been a kind of "Grail" through the centuries, I think to the number of the "Beast" mentioned in the the Book of the Revelation [Apocalypse] in the last part of the Christian Bible.

Rivers of words have been written to explain the mystery of that number. Even if it's part of a religious tradition, it's not mentioned in a historical chronicle.