Farming in Neolithic Britain


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Oct 2016
Certainly cattle , and in HUGE amounts available - more than 600 in one feast alone ( also sheep and pig remains have been found alongside those of wild deer, whales and seals )

I suggest you look at Orkney Is , the ' ancient center ' :

"We need to turn the map of Britain upside down when we consider the Neolithic and shrug off our south-centric attitudes," says Card, now Brodgar's director of excavations. "London may be the cultural hub of Britain today, but 5,000 years ago, Orkney was the centre for innovation for the British isles. Ideas spread from this place. The first grooved pottery, which is so distinctive of the era, was made here, for example, and the first henges – stone rings with ditches round them – were erected on Orkney. Then the ideas spread to the rest of the Neolithic Britain. This was the font for new thinking at the time."

Neolithic discovery: why Orkney is the centre of ancient Britain

I cant resist my usual 'visual communication propensity '

Skara Brae


Neolithic furniture ;


Ring of Brodgar

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