Fav WWII Movies??

Apr 2018
Schindlers List

Not technically a combat movie but revealing of one man.

Oskar Schindler was a self interested opportunist who was not fussy about how he made his marks so long as he could glad hand /bribe his way out of precarious situations.Initially he was indifferent to his jewish workers caring only insofar as they were cheap labour.

At least he was until he witnessed the horror of the warsaw ghetto aktion first hand.

This movie is a very moving emotional experience and does not pull any punches on vicious brutality and spontaneous murder.This is not a "hollywood" movie nor a hero movie but a stark and uncompromising portrayal of a flawed man who had the veil ripped from his eyes and his desperate attempts to save men women and children from certain death.

In later researches (not the film) i learned that Schindler was a rather colorful character engaged in war sanctioned businesses whose charisma blackmarketeering bribery and higher connections enabled him to shield his jewish workers and their families to a large degree with ever increasing crises requiring quick thinking a glib tongue substantial bribes (including getting a pair of gestapo officers roaring drunk and diamonds passed to a high ranking SS Officer) and blackmarket munitions purchases passed off as actual war production.

Schindler's considerable fortune both legal and illicit after his epiphany was spent on shielding his jewish workers and their families often with hair raising last ditch bribes and fast talking.

With the cessation of hostilities Schindler was given by his workers a testimonial list of jews who could vouch for him and a gold ring which translated as "he who saves one life saves the world."

Schindler managed with his second wife or secretary (he was rather liberal with the idea of marital fidelity) to surrender to the americans and ironically a jewish american interrogator passed him on to england.

After failed business ventures in south america and the US Schindler ended up back in germany wandering into equally unsuccessful business ventures.Ironically in his last years he was supported by many of the very same jewish survivors who he had worked so hard to keep alive.

After his death Oskar Schindler was buried in one last irony at the insistent petitions of his former workers on Mount Zion one of only five identified nazis laid to rest there who worked from within to defy the final solution.

At his interrment on Mount Zion the survivors and their relatives each placed a stone on his grave in honour of his efforts.
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