Favorite Painting from the Past

Mar 2017
I also really like the way the Egyptians depicted birds and feathers in their art and iconography, and this painting is I think the best surviving.
Nebamun was about 1300 BCE. The British Museum actually has a number of paintings (cut out of the wall during empire collecting time). The artist poured a lot of detail into the images. One of the dancing girls has her fingers interlaced. Two of the musicians are full face, one of the few examples in all Egyptian art.
British Museum - Image gallery: tomb-painting
I was "taught" that Egyptian art was intentionally static (apparently, by someone who didn't know it well). There's expressions on a lot of the faces (as well as different features) on the figures from Nebamun.

The tomb of Menna is 200 yrs (or so) older. There's the same attention to detail of birds & a mongoose & a cat & a crocodile, etc. Colors aren't as good. I've noticed that almost all the greens are actually shades of blue (sampled digitally -- but it's really hard to tell from photos due to lighting, you need to stand right in front of it).
--- I couldn't find a pic to post, but this one lets you zoom in.
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