Favorite Podcasts

Dec 2016
I love listening to podcasts about history and politics. Podcasts make driving enjoyable.

My favorites:


Dan Carlin Hardcore History- supurb, I have no music on my ipod, DCHH replaced it all!!!

History on Fire - love it

Philosophize This - great review on philosophy history


The Tom Woods Show- Woods is great

The Jason Stapleton Show

Adam Carolla Show -great rants

Ben Shapiro Show -smart little dude

I have several others I am looking at, I haven't had a chance for new ones that I subscribed to.
Jan 2017
He gets very good guests. Some subjects are better than others, but I really look fwd to new ones. Not as hardcore as mr hardcore!

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Dec 2016
Howard Stern is the man!

On the sports front, I have recently become a big fan of Colin Cowherd.

And i still love to listen to Ann Coulter once in awhile so as to help augment my fantasies of her. She is my future wife, ya know! I met her about five years ago at a hospital of all places. I'm an EMT and we had just taken a good friend and colleague of hers to the ER, and she showed up in the waiting room shortly after. Got her autograph on the inside bill of my cap, as well as a big hug and sloppy peck on the cheek. Schwiiing!
Jan 2017
Virginia, USA
These Noetic podcasts are worth checking out:

Noetic: Treaty Between Hannibal and King Philip V. of Macedon with Eric Connor

Noetic: "The Lament of Edward II" with Eric Connor