Favorite WWII movies/books and why?

Jan 2013
Toronto, Canada
Patton (1970) because it captured his incredible strengths and his equally incredible weaknesses.
Nov 2015
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The american serie "The Pacific", the most realist movies i've ever seen about the war in the Pacific.


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Nov 2011
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Books:- Fiction

Bomber: Len Deighton.
Goodbye Mickey Mouse Len Deighton.
Catch 22 Joseph Heller.
King Rat James Clavell

Empire of the Sun
Bridge on the River Kwai
Das Boot.

Switch off brain--get the beers in.

Where Eagles Dare
The Great Escape
Battle of Britain (Spoiler--the good guys win).
Mar 2016
Downfall (2004). Amazingly for a German film, its portrayal of Hitler and the rest of the Nazi high command is very nuanced and thought-provoking, rather than towing the line of 'Hitler is the most evil thing that ever lived since Satan'. Bruno Ganz's performance is nothing short of brilliant; he captures the charisma and intelligence of Hitler but also his fury and mad delusions. I really doubt we'll ever see another performance that is better than Ganz's.

The movie also really successfully captures the feeling of dread and inevitability the people inside the bunker feel as the Soviets get closer and closer. I like how by the end it shows that the Soviets aren't really the good guys either, since they're much more of a danger to the protaganist than the Germans were.
Apr 2016
The Big Red One. I like how they followed a soldier from WW1 to WW2. It is one of Lee Marvin's best performances.

Das Boot. The movie is powerful and the first time I watched it, I felt like I was going to go stir crazy.

Downfall. This movie is Brilliant in every aspects. It is one movie that I highly recommend.

Where Eagles Dare. This is one of the best espionage and spy movies out there.

A Bridge Over The Kwai. This is one of Sir Alec Guinness best performances. British soldiers going after a Japanese controlled bridge.

FOOF, and LFIJ. Clint Eastwood bring both sides of the battle to the big screen and makes them all human, instead of demonizing them.

Sahara. This one of my all time favorites. Humphrey Bogart shows why he will always be a Hollywood Icon and Legend.


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Sep 2012
Well the movies first !
i )' From Here to Eternity ', based on a great novel, realistic acting by Frank Sinatra, Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift and lastly but not least by Deborah Kerr ! superb picture famous for the torrid kiss between Lancaster and Kerr.
ii ) ' Saving Private Ryan ', superbly shot, a more realistic war movie will be hard to produce. Fantastic first 20 minutes or so and very good acting by the cast.
iii ) ' Enemy at the Gates ', again a superbly shot movie with terrific realistic scenes you get drawn into, superlative acting by all the cast.
iv ) ' The Eagle has landed ', A good story very realistically shot, great acting by all the cast.
v ) ' The Bridge on the River Kwai ', superbly shot with great attention to details , based on a great story and superior acting by all the cast.
vi ) ' The Guns of Navarone ' fantastic camera work, superb story with great acting by all the cast.
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