Favourite Caligula story

Apr 2014
Just started reading a new revisionist type book on Caligula - and whilst I know not all the outrageous story about him are likely to be true - I'm curious if YOU have a favorite story about him - or a quote by him?


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Feb 2014
Colonia Valensiana
There are so many, but in my opinion, they remain only that - stories. Most of them are incredible to believe.
Despite of it, building a bridge across the Bay of Baiae, triumph over Poseidon, bathing in golden coins are all stories which tend to show Caligula's megalomania.
What also comes to my mind is an interesting record (Suetonius of course) when several kings arrived in Rome to pay their respect and then started to argue about whose ancestry is more noble, Caligula exclaimed: 'Let there be one Lord, one King!"
Apr 2012
Capturing Poseidons "army" (clams and other sea creatures) in his failed invasion of Britannia and parading them in a triumphal procession. I really don't know if this is true but it does sound pretty insane.


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Oct 2009
The Incitatus business is funny to me. People interpret it as a display of insanity, when to me, it clearly looks like a bit of dark and very deliberate satire.
Sep 2013
Ontario, Canada
He ordered the death of wealthy individuals in order to spend their estates, forcing them to will everything to him before they were killed. One supposedly rich person died and it was discovered that he was, in fact, broke. All Caligula said was, "Oh dear, he died in vain."

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