Favourite films of the 1950s

Jan 2018
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All those Hitchcock movies were great. What's Zimne Piwo from you avatar mean in English?
It's Polish for cold beer. Old Style signs like that (or saying "cold beer" in English, "cerveza fria", "on tap" or "bottles and cans") are common on Chicago taverns; at one time Old Style was THE blue collar beer in Chicago. I used to go to an Irish tavern on the South Side called the Innisfree. But not having been there in several years when I took a pal there I saw an Old Style zimne piwo sign over the door and told my buddy I don't think this is an Irish joint any more.

When I was a boilermaker (Local 1, Chicago) we often worked in the steel mills and would often go to a tavern called simply "Bottles and Cans" after the Old Style sign above the door.



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May 2014
"Zimwe piwo" actually means "Winter('s) beer." "Zima" is "winter" in Russian and I suspect that this is likewise true for Polish. "Kholodnoyo pivo" would be "cold beer" in Russian.
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What about the other movies in the list right above, Rodger?
Impressive. I have seen the Great Train Robbery. Dracula and Frankenstein are good ones. Notice how many Vampire movies are on your list. The myth of the vampire has always enthralled people and aI am no different. Gunga Din is a favorite, with a great historical theme. High Noon., Rear Window and The Man Who Knew too Much are good ones too. I like drama with a suspense angle.
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Mar 2019
7 Samurai

The Thing

Monolith Monsters - Actually a lot better than it sounds.


Creature From The Black Lagoon

Forbidden Planet

War Of The Worlds

Sorry I am a science fiction head from waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back lol
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Feb 2019
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Some of my favorites (though I'm a bit strange, in that I have a sort of 'favorite cut-off' at 1950... something about the culture... I know, it's weird):

All About Eve

Strangers on a Train


I also like Some Like It Hot... one of my absolute favorites!

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Dec 2011
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All right, @Futurist and other fans of the incomparable Marilyn, I direct you to "Gentleman Prefer Blondes" and also "The Seven Year Itch".

"The Searchers" was the capstone of the incredible career of John Ford. He had good projects after Searchers, but The Searchers is clearly special among all his films.

From David Lean... has anyone brought up Bill Holden and the rest of the cast's good work (with a notoriously grumpy director) in "The Bridge on the River Kwai"?
Feb 2019
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All right, @Futurist and other fans of the incomparable Marilyn, I direct you to "Gentleman Prefer Blondes" and also "The Seven Year Itch".
In the '50's, Marilyn did get one really different, serious role (seriously creepy), though it was in something of a B film... Don't Bother to Knock has her playing a very mentally disturbed and possibly dangerous babysitter... it's such an interesting role to see her in.

I think that if Marilyn had lived a bit longer, she would have started getting more dramatic, interesting roles... her final role as Roslyn in The Misfits might have been a good sort of transition, but by the time she was working on Some Like It Hot, she was an unpredictable and unprofessional actor to work with according to her costars (hungover or drunk on set, late, not knowing her lines), so her life was falling apart by the late '50's.
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