Favourite Roman Emperor - All-Stars (27 BC - AD 641)

Who are your favourite emperors from the All-Stars list (up to two choices)?

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Oct 2018
The time has come to pick a favourite emperor from the All-Stars list. Over the past six weeks I have run 'Favourite Emperor' polls that are period-specific. Here are the links:
Favourite Emperor of the Julio-Claudian and Flavian Periods
Favourite Emperor of the Antonine and Severan Periods
Favourite Emperor of the 'Crisis' and Tetrarchic Periods (235-306)
Favourite Emperor of the Fourth Century (306-395)
Favourite Emperor of the Fifth Century (395-491)
Favourite Emperor of the Sixth and Seventh Centuries (491-695)

We now have a top 12 with which to make an All-Stars poll. You can choose up to two emperors and you can choose an emperor because you admire them, because you find them interesting or for entertainment value. Here are your contestants:

1. Augustus 31/27 BC - AD 14 (Winner of Julio-Claudian/Flavian Poll)
2. Vespasian 69-79 (Runner-Up of Julio-Claudian/Flavian Poll)
3. Hadrian 117-138 (Runner-Up of Antonine/Severan Poll)
4. Marcus Aurelius 161-180 (Winner of Antonine/Severan Poll)
5. Aurelian 270-275 (Winner of 'Crisis'/Tetrarchic Poll)
6. Diocletian 284-305/308 (Runner-Up of 'Crisis'/Tetrarchic Poll)
7. Constantine I 306-337 (Joint-Winner of Fourth Century Poll)
8. Julian 360-363 (Joint-Winner of Fourth Century Poll)
9. Constantius III 421 (Runner-Up of Fifth Century Poll)
10. Majorian 457-461 (Winner of Fifth Century Poll)
11. Justinian I 527-565 (Winner of Sixth/Seventh Centuries Poll)
12. Heraclius 610-641 (Runner-Up of Sixth/Seventh Centuries Poll)