Feng Ba and his brother Feng Hong of the Northern Yan dynasty, were they considered to be of Xianbei ethnicity?

Oct 2015
I did a lot of work on Northern Dynasties ethnology and Xianbei studies in the past though, so its always fun to look back over this area.
Cool thank you so much f0ma,
the Xianbei are a group that I have particular interest in, especially those who assimilated into Han society. I hope you don't mind if I pick your brain now and then
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Sep 2016
On Baidu, am I reading this correctly through rough translation, but did Feng Hong have a son named Feng Yi who eventually became the progenitor of the Fengs in the Lingnan region?
According to the New Book of Tang, yes he had son Feng Ye (业 is read ye, not yi) who he sent away to Wei. According to Zizhi Tongjian he wasn't a son, but a clansman.
Sep 2016
Thanks for that.
In the New book of Tang, does it state who was the mother of Feng Yi. Was it Lady Wang or Lady Murong the Xianbei?
Here's the exact quote from the New Book of Tang (1060):
馮盎,字明達,高州良德人,本北燕馮弘裔孫。弘不能以國下魏,亡奔高麗,遣子業以三百人浮海歸晉 。弘已滅,業留番禺,至孫融,事梁為羅州刺史。
Feng Ang, courtesy name Mingda, a person from Liangde in Gaozhou, originally a descendant of Feng Hong of Northern Yan. [Feng] Hong couldn't protect his country from Wei, so he run away to Goguryeo and sent child/son [Feng] Ye with 300 people to cross the sea to Jin. After Hong's death, Ye settled in Panyu, his gradson Rong becane a prefect of Luozhou during Liang.

In History of the Northern Dynasties (643-659) and Book of Sui (636) there is the following exact same mention of Feng Ye:
Rong was a descendant of Northern Yan [imperial family[. First, when Feng Hong was defeated from south, he sent Rong's grandfather Ye with 300 people to cross the sea to Song, where he settled at Xinhui [in Panyu].

In Zizhi Tongjian (1084) there is a following mention:
初,燕昭成帝奔高麗,使其族人馮業以三百人浮海奔宋,因留新會。自業至孫融,世為羅州刺史, 融子寶為高涼太守。
First, Zhaocheng Emperor of Yan [Feng Hong] escaped to Goguryeo, he sent his clansman Feng Ye with 300 people to cross the sea to escape to Song, where he settled at Xinhui. Ye had grandson Rong, for generations they were prefects of Luozhou, Rong's son Bao was a commander of Gaoliang.

In Cefu Yuangui (1013) there is a following mention:
Ang is a person of Northern Yan. First, Feng Hong escaped to Goryeo. He sent his son Ye with 300 people agross the sea to Song. When Hong was killed by Wei, Ye settled at Xinhui in Panyu.

All mentions of Feng Ye are secondary, through his descendants. The oldest sources don't mention his connection to Feng Hong at all. Only Song era sources do, but the authors of Zizhi Tongjian were more cautious and decided to call him a clansman. No further information on him are available to me.

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