Fighting the communism in Greece

Nov 2014
Greece had frontiers with communist countries but France did not. Communist party in France knew that it should wait some more for the revolution and was instructed to do this also.
Exactly, and all three communist nations to the north of Greece, Albania, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria were supporting the communists of Greece with materials (weapons, communications, health supplies etc.), economically and also allowing them to enter their countries when things were getting tough inside Greece for them, only to reenter at a later time and continue their war.
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May 2017
Some confusions are made:
It is the NKVD of Alcala de Henares which liquidated the leader of the POUM,and not the IB.
It is the guardia de asalto of Barcelona who recuperated the "telefonica",and not the IB.
It is the CNT-FAI of Cipriano Mera (IVth Army Corps) who saved Casado and obliged Negrin to leave the power.
How could 10 000 men beat 800 000 men ?
May 2017
And the ridiculous biografy of Constantin during the WWI,irrelevant so ? Do you realize that with those incompétent kings,we have lost Constantinople ("Istamboul") for the eternity…………..