Film for education

Sep 2015
I am working on a documentary that explores the impact that the US Civil War has on us 150 years later. I'm looking for some discussion about what would make an interesting film for high school students?

- What topics are taught in High School about the Civil War?
- Are there any educators here who would be able to tell me what are some important things that they look for in a film before they show it to their class?
Oct 2014
California, USA
Speaking as a substitute teacher, I'm not the one that would be buying your film, but I'm likely often the one using it. (Movies are a popular thing to hand off to a substitute). I'd say my main pet peeve is movies that don't fit well into a 45-55 minute class period (actually, cut that time down by 5 - 10 minutes because you still need time to take role and give kids instructions.) Almost all movies are longer than that and most cut off at an awkward, unfinished time...and I know a lot teachers covering a class for a day won't have the kids finish the movie later. I understand you may not be able to get all that you want to cover into that amount of time...but the movie should at least have convenient places to pause that fit in an average class period (if you're designing it for school use), and an easy way to find your way back to those places (I'm assuming it will be DVD, not VHS, so you can have it segmented with a normal high school class period in mind).