Film on Nuclear War

Jul 2018
I found this old public domain film telling the story of an American family in the context of an atomic attack on New York.
I find it surreal and bizarre in many ways: what do you think of it?

Jan 2012
South Midlands in Britain
It reminds me of an old joke of the time.

`In case of nuclear attack, curl up in a ball with your head under your arms and kiss your @rse goodbye.'

It is funny how times change, isn't it?
Oct 2018
Adelaide south Australia
Today a more well informed public are aware one's chances of surviving a nuclear attack or considerably less than surviving a plane crash. I've always admired the ability of cabin crew to tell you about surviving a plane crash with a straight face. About as useful as 'duck and cover'

Below is a link to the full American movie 'The Day After'.1985. A bit too slick for my taste, but worth a look.

The second link is to a 1980 British doco " If The Bomb Drops" . Sobering.

The issue remains relevant, it's no longer a matter of looking back to "The Cuban Missile Crisis", where JFK took the Western World to the brink of nuclear war.

In recent months, we had the spectacle of an American president getting into a pissing contest with North Korea. I was a bit fearful, until I realised with a shock, that Jim Jong Un was behaving more rationally than the US president. Or perhaps he has realistic advisors, and listens to them. My genuine fear is that Trump is ignorant enough to start a nuclear war. IE I would be willing to bet he believes the US could win such a war with a pre emptive strike---Of course, all I know about the incumbent White House resident comes from the media, so I could be utterly wrong. I sincerely hope that is the case. :oops:
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