Film on Roman Legions in China(coming next year)


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Jun 2014
I read of another upcoming movie based on this legion concept , based on a script worked on by Kurt Johnstad the movie is called The Lost Legion...

Is the same movie?


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Jun 2012
It will be fun to watch... the fish-scale formation...

But I would prefer - The Roman Emperor sending the ambassador to China in AD 166 - the first Roman Embassy in China. Though it was a mere footnote - I could write a story of it. Something to the effect of some guy kills a Senator in the street instead of chopping his head off for removing the jackass from the Senate, the Emperor tells him he is the new ambassador to china, time-skip one year and six months (or if you want to make a series you can follow his route there from Italy -> Egypt ->(via the Pharaoh's canal)-> Arabia -> India-> South East Asia & Vietnam ->China-> Imperial court), and the new ambassador must navigate the court where he does not speak the language, deal with the factions and the imperial bureaucracy, and finally meet the Emperor of China.

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