Film on Roman Legions in China(coming next year)


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Jun 2014
It will be fun to watch... the fish-scale formation...

But I would prefer - The Roman Emperor sending the ambassador to China in AD 166 - the first Roman Embassy in China. Though it was a mere footnote - I could write a story of it. Something to the effect of some guy kills a Senator in the street instead of chopping his head off for removing the jackass from the Senate, the Emperor tells him he is the new ambassador to china, time-skip one year and six months (or if you want to make a series you can follow his route there from Italy -> Egypt ->(via the Pharaoh's canal)-> Arabia -> India-> South East Asia & Vietnam ->China-> Imperial court), and the new ambassador must navigate the court where he does not speak the language, deal with the factions and the imperial bureaucracy, and finally meet the Emperor of China.
There could be tales to be told also on asiatic into Roman Empire ...
Ambassador or slave? East Asian skeleton discovered in Vagnari Roman Cemetery - History - Life and Style - The Independent
Mar 2011
Nothing beats Thermae Romae so far though:

Japanese time travel film about a Roman architect who travels in time to modern Japan several times and copies their bathhouse design and technology which makes him rich and famous in Rome. Also, all main actors are Japanese, including the one who portrays the Roman Emperor.

China will be the world's ruling superpower when they themselves make movies about ancient Rome and associate themselves with Rome, like the US does. Both modern China and the US are modern countries whose Roman heritage is very indirect but also very important. Japan, for instance, already associates themselves with the Romans as part of "the past", not as something completely foreign, they see themselves as part of the same broad world system, as a result we get Japanese films where the main character is a Roman portrayed by a Japanese actor. That's unrealistic but it is also quite unrealistic to portray Ancient Greeks with American actors of British/German descent.
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Jan 2015
I thought the notions of east asians movies delving into Europe's historical world was ridiculous at first and at the epitome of arrogance - then I remembered Hollywood's penetration of East Asia.
No more mental qualms about it. Let the Filmmakers of China, Japan and Korea go wild!
Oct 2013
Just thought this part from the film was pretty cool - Romans homesick and singing their "national anthem"

Firme nunc me spondeo
Fidelis tibi maneo
Bella priorum cara patria
Nunc et semper florens gloria
Pulchras terrae patriae!

Fortes terrae pro homines
Romae noster aeterne
Vis cavire domum navium
Frusta ipsa impetur
Sunt sine spe!

Domus dulces portula
Fraudi ob sat
Tubae militaris vox
Legiones procat mox!

Et in tota patria
Cantus victoriae resonat
Et in tota patria
Cantus nostrae resonat
Tempus est in gaudium
Superbiae Roma aeterna

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