Fire in National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro

Oct 2015
It was a great loss for Brazil and for all humanity.
The museum was built by D. João VI King of Portugal who served as a residence to four Portuguese monarchs.

Is an example for Portugal and for everybody, we have monuments that need restoration, but the Portuguese politicians see more their pockets.
This has nothing to do with Portugal, the Portuguese empire stopped ruling Brazil long ago.


Ad Honorem
Dec 2015
The palace an a lot of what was lost was portuguese/made by portuguese.
Brasil is a country that we consider a brother country.
The lost is from both of us.
It is the loss of all humanity!

ameteurhistorian said:
This is why taxes exist. This is why public endowments to the arts exist.

The museum stopped receiving its yearly funding by the state that was specifically for maintenance since 2014 and visitors kept complaining about peeling walls and exposed wiring. Due to constant changes in administration and "austerity measures", the museum practically had no public funds to help with maintaining a 200-year old building for the next four years.

Civilizations and cultures were remembered the most fondly for their contributions to the arts and letters, not how many Olympic games they hosted or how many heads of state they keep replacing due to corruption. This was a fire that could've easily been prevented; the yearly allotment was only around 500,000 reals; the city of Rio de Janeiro itself could've provided a portion of that. Worse still, other institutions have been facing similar problems all across Brazil as the government tries to privatize and cut everything while there's a deep undercurrent of anti-intellectualism in popular politics.

Hopefully this encourages people in power to reconsider on what they're doing with their power, because I have no interest in visiting a country that isn't going to protect priceless artifacts of our human heritage, or even the country's own history. The Museum had an extensive collection of Brazilian artifacts as well as one of the last-standing palaces of Brazil's imperial family, and both are gone forever.
Let's discuss about Brazilian inputs to human civilizations.
I remember Heitor Villa-Lobos, Brazilian steakhouses, association football, and dances.
Jul 2016
Dengie Peninsula
I went there, when I attended Brazil- England football. an amazing museum, although a little shabby. A sad loss as many of the exhibits that I looked upon, may have been destroyed.

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