First Bulgarian Empire

Jan 2019
Well speaking of infrastructure, I don't think that it was developed a lot. Probably the most important trading ways, bridges, castles, cities, like Veliki Preslav, Pliska and Ohrid, and mountain passes were cared of, but the any other infrastructural monuments were left to slowly fall to ruin. Let's no forget that Symeon was constantly warring and that did hurt the economy of the state. A fact we see in the slow decline of the empire during the rule of his son Petr I (927-969). While the political life was probably dominated by the wars of the tsar or knyaz, since his title was never accepted by the Byzantine emperors themselves. Symeon did menge to influence the byzantine empire for a short period of probably 2 or 3 years since he was at least by name proclaimed (vasiliopater) or father of the emperor by patriarch Nicholas Mysticos, tho that didn't ment a lot. So I can say that during the Bulgarian golden age under Symeon, Bulgaria expanded territorialy, spiritualy and culturally but not economically nore in any infrastructural maners.